2018 Fit For Freedom Competition


4 minute to find 2RM Back Squat for each athlete.

1 minute Rest

4 minute AMRAP
Front Rack Lunges

Rx teams will have a weight based on the lower of the two successful 2RM from WOD 3A.
Scaled teams will have a 20# Sandbag.

Team can preload the back squat bar. Team will reduce the load during the 1min rest/transition.
Score for 3A is total weight from each athletes successful 2RM.
Score for 3B is total reps of Front Rack Lunges

Back Squat: Bar may be preloaded. Weight cannot go down for any reason. Athletes must take the bar off the rack. Lower their body into a full squat with hips below parallel. Athlete must then return to a fully extended standing position. This must be repeated a second successful rep before returning the bar to the rack.

Lunges: Athlete must take the weight from the ground and bring it to a front rack position. The athlete will then step forward into a lung with the back leg knee touching the ground. The athlete must return to a fully standing locked out position for the rep to count. The athlete must alternate legs each rep.

Changing athletes: To change athletes working on the lunges, the weight must be returned to the floor and the athletes must tag each others hand. The next athlete can then start working.

Front Rack Weights for Rx teams:
Use the lower of the 2RM from 3A

Weight from 2RM: Weigh for Front Rack Lunges
100-150lbs : 35lbs
150-200lbs : 45lbs
200-250lbs : 55lbs
250-300lbs : 65lbs
300-350lbs : 75lbs
350-400lbs : 85lbs
400-450lbs : 95lbs