2018 Fit For Freedom Competition


WOD 1:
6min AMRAP
1 Clean and Jerk
4 Burpee over Bar

One Athlete works each round. Athletes switch each round. Athletes set the weight on the bar. Athletes can have different weights but it will be the athletes responsibility to change them. Each athlete can only have one weight they can use the entire WOD.

There will be two scores for the WOD1. Score 1 is total reps completed as a team. Score 2 is total weight moved as a team.

Clean and Jerk - Bar must start on the ground. Athlete needs to clean the bar, power or squat, up to a front rack position. Then the athlete needs to Split Jerk, Push Jerk, Push Press or Press the bar to an overhead locked out position.

Burpees over bar: Athlete must start from a standing position on the first rep. The entire body, chest and thighs, must get to the ground. The athlete will then come up as high as they need to get over the bar. The feet must go over the bar! Rep is counted when the body gets over the bar.