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St. Peters CrossFit Plans & Discounts

We offer a FREE private introductory session scheduled at your convenience. During this session we will explain what CrossFit is, why we do it and how. We will also discuss the benefits and expectations from joining St. Peters CrossFit. CrossFit works, there is no debating that. It is not easy,”no success is without sacrifice”. Joining a St. Peters CrossFit is an investment in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Call 314-541-0719 or email to schedule your session today!

Our plans and the return on your investment are extremely low compared to personal trainers and regular ”mirrors and machines” gyms. At a regular gym it’s up to your individual drive, and ability to perform the moves correctly to get results. Each session at St. Peters CrossFit is pre-programmed and guided by a CrossFit coach.


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We offer 10% discounts on individual memberships to the following groups:

  • Military-Active, Reserve, or retired

  • EMT

  • Police Officers

  • Firefighters

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Educators