Big Pink Elephant in the Room


In CrossFit there are occasionally athletes that cheat on their WOD.  They cut out, skip, or lie about the number of reps they completed in a workout to achieve a better “Score”. 

Cheaters have no place in CrossFit.  There I said it.  End of story!

The phrase “If you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself” is mostly FALSE!  Cheating reps affects you and your fellow members.  If effects our community.  It can cast a dark cloud over a class.

1.      Yes, if you cheat reps you are doing yourself a disservice.  We program the WODs with a certain expected stimulus for your body.  Cutting out or skipping reps changes the stimulus and will give you an incorrect response from your body.  You are at SPCF to get healthier and better.  Our programming will do that so long as you follow the program.


Take this example



12 Deadlifts

9 Power Hangs

6 Push Press

RX 155X

If you cut 1 repetition on each exercise per round you will have 2325lbs that you did not lift.  Also you body will not be tasked correctly as you will move on to the next exercise quicker.  This cheating of reps will greatly change the stimulus for the WOD.


2.      If you want to compete in a competition you will lose.  You can’t cheat reps at a competition.  So all of those athletes you were trying to “beat” at the box are going to finish well ahead of you.  Treat each WOD as a competition!


3.      Cheating reps gives you a bad/incorrect benchmark scores to compare to your previous scores.  When DT comes up again will you remember how many reps you skipped or cut out?  If it is a just a repeated WOD you will have a tougher time comparing your scores.  How can you see if you are progressing if your scores are not correct?  Don’t you want to see the improvement?

4.      Cheating reps also cheats the other athletes working out with you.  While I always say and believe each WOD is your own, CrossFit also breeds internal competition.  We all push harder when we WOD together.  We want to be better or the best and attempting to get a better score drives the intensity.  False scores cheat your fellow athletes.  It gives them an incorrect or unrealistic score to try to achieve. 


5.      Cheating also affects the whole box.  Members know who is cheating pretty quickly.  This can cause the other members to isolate you.  It hurt the relationships we build at the box. It shows a lack of respect for your fellow athletes.  It puts a dark cloud on the class.


6.      Other member’s workouts suffer.  Once members know you cheat they will watch you in class.  They will unfortunately put less focus on their workouts and more on you.  This decreases their progress and results.


Cheating reps is just bad.  Nothing good comes from it.  Don't make excuses.  If you lose count then just go back to the number you remember getting to.  It is much better to do extra reps than it is to cheat.  Cheating reps is not acceptable under any circumstance.

Focus on getting better.  You are going to achieve great results by doing the WORK!  Every rep will make you stronger and healthier and better.  Challenge yourself to be a better you!  There is no shortcut in fitness.  There is no shortcut in life!  DO THE WORK!

-Coach David-