The 2016 CrossFit Open!

The CrossFit Open

 February 25th, 2016

The CrossFit Open season is upon us!  The Open starts today February 25th.  For five weeks, for five open workouts, any and every athlete in the world has the opportunity to participate in an event that is the precursor to Regionals and then the CrossFit Games where the best of the best will throw down on the big stage for big prizes in July.

I know the question I am getting from allot of our members is "Why should I sign up?.” 

1.  Learn what you are capable of - I guarantee, you are capable of more than you think. And when you sign up for the Games, you’re bound to find out just exactly how much more you can accomplish before the clock runs out. The open will force you to go outside your comfort level.  What is more CrossFit than that?  If you can only do one or two double unders you may find yourself choosing the single unders during a normal WOD. During the open you may not have the option to do singles.  This will force you to attempt double unders instead of scaling to singles for a better time or to avoid the double unders all together.  Many athletes find they are capable of achieving more than they thought or allowed themselves.

2.  Get inspired - Competition causes one to want to do better.  That drive to do better can help inspire you to push the line and break through any obstacles that have held you back.  You will be inspired to achieve the very best time/rep count you can.  Competition drives athletes to perform better and focus on their form even more.

When you sign up to compete in the CrossFit Games, you will probably find someone around you, in your gym or in your new group of friends, who inspires you. It might be the mom with the 6 kids, or it might be the 60 year old grandpa, or it might be the 17 year old high school kid who comes to the gym after school every day.

I guarantee you’ll meet someone during the CrossFit Games Open who demonstrates courage and tenacity, someone who makes you proud to workout next to them. You’ll meet someone who inspires you.

3.  Inspire others - Nothing inspires others more than seeing someone push hard though a workout.  When you are challenging yourself others want to see you succeed and they want to follow your lead.  You can inspire everyone to do their very best by bringing your best.

You just might be the person who inspires your kids, or your spouse, or your coworkers or your fellow CrossFitters. You just never know who is paying attention to what you do. But when you sign up to compete, you are showing everyone you aren’t afraid of a few burpees.

4. Build community - What is CrossFit?  Community.  It is every member caring for and cheering for every other member.  This builds our love for each other and our box.  It grows our family.  It shows who we are as a group.  We are in this WOD together and we will be victorious, As a family!

5. Meet other CrossFitters - CrossFit releases the open WOD's on Thursday at 7pm.  We will have the Thursday 7:30pm class attempt the WOD.  We will use that WOD for our Saturday classes.  And finally we have setup an agreement with 2 other local boxes to offer the WOD on Sunday's at different locations.  What does this mean?  It means you may go to a class outside of your usual times.  It means we may have classes with different people from our box or other boxes.  This is a great time to meet other CrossFitters.  To share your love foe what we do and find that common link between all of us.

6. It's fun - CrossFit kicks ass.  We all know this.  There is a reason you do CrossFit.  It is supposed to be fun.  Yes during a WOD we may not love it but after the WOD we absolutely love it.  The CrossFit open will allow you to do some awesome WOD's with your CrossFit family.  You get to have fun with that family. What is better than that?


So why aren’t you signed up yet?  No excuses!

Sign up here!


-Coach David-