Fit for Freedom

It’s been called “America’s Dirty Little Secret” by those on the front lines.  Child sex trafficking is a fully operational business in the United States, grossing millions of dollars at the expense of children whose ages average 12-14 years old.  Our hometown St. Louis is one of the worst cities for it.

In 2008, a St. Louis based organization called Crisis Aid International met with federal law enforcement and learned how big of a problem sex trafficking is in the U.S.A.  

In that meeting, they witnessed the shock of seeing a St. Louis zip code pulled up online and page after page of St. Louis girls for sale.  

Crisis Aid had done years of work around the globe providing food for starving families and safe homes for girls escaping pimps in red light districts.  After research and fundraising, Crisis Aid opened a Refuge Home right here in St. Louis in 2012. It was needed.  The FBI was tired of picking up prostitutes, realizing they were actually trafficked children, and having no place to take them except jails.  In many cases, “children are spending more time in jail than their pimps,” and finally, some big-hearted law enforcement officers realized that and introduced Crisis Aid to the local problem so they could do something about it.

Crisis Aid’s US refuge in St. Louis has already served more than 120 American girls.  The Refuge has room for 22 girls, but funding for just 8 girls out of the hundreds of thousands being trafficked through the U.S. today.  They are currently working to raise $70,000 to expand their home to be able to take in more traumatized and trafficked girls, including those who have had children of their own because of their ordeals.

Everyone is “fit for freedom,” and we want to have our big-hearted athletes band together to step up and help victims in the St. Louis area.   Register for either the CrossFit Competition or bring non-athlete friends and family to the trivia night as we put together a St. Charles athletic collective “Fit for Freedom,” to stand up to human trafficking happening right here in our home.  For more information, follow the links below to a blog going more into depth on the issue and solution or to see the Crisis Aid International website:

Crisis Aid International