2018 CrossFit Fitness Awards Competition

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February 17, 2018

Doors open at 7:15am.  Competition starts at 8am

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This 2 person same sex team competition will test your teams overall CrossFit ability!  The WODs will be a great mix of all that is CrossFit and allow everyone to see who is the best of the best!  Do you have a great balanced team?  That will be the key to this competition. 

There are Rx and Scaled divisions available.  4 exciting and challenging WODS for all teams and 1 special floater WOD.  3 of the 4 WODs will be announced over the next month.  The last WOD and Floater WOD will be announced the week of the competition.

Top 3 male and female Teams in the Rx and Scaled divisions will win Rouge gift cards, placement medals, and other swag.  All athletes will get a Next Level Shirt, fruit and water.  

Facebook Event and Posted WODs are here! 

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$100/team!  Sign up today!  Prices will go up to $125 on 2/1/18!

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For Time
8 Minute Cap

Rx Division
3-2-1 Peg Board Accents
42-30-18 Wall Balls (30lbs/20lbs)

Scaled Division
3-2-1 Rope Climbs*
42-30-18 Wall Balls (16/12)

*Or 3 Air Squats and 3 ground to
standing rope climb for each RC.

This WOD is a divide and Conquer
WOD. The reps can be divided as
the team decides. You may only
have one athlete working at a time.
If you hit cap, each rep not completed
will be 1 second added to your time.

Peg Board Accents - Athlete can start the pegs at any level they can reach from a standing position. They will then climb the wall until the reach the top. Both pegs must be in the top holes. Then the athlete must return to the ground. The Athlete can use their legs on the wall for assistance if needed.

Wall Balls - The athlete must start in a standing position. The Athlete must go into a full squat with the ball and then shoot it up above the target. You may not drop the ball to the ground and start from there. If the ball drops it must be picked up and brought to a standing position before the next rep. The target is 9' for all women teams and 10' for all men teams. The weight is 30lbs for Rx Men, 20lbs for Rx Women, 16lbs for Scaled men and 12lbs for Scaled women.

Rope Climbs - The Athlete will start standing next to the rope. 
They may jump up to maximize the distance they start at. The athlete must climb all the way up and touch the orange marker at the top.

The Scaled teams my decide between a normal rope climb or 3 Air Squats and 3 ground to standing rope climbs for each normal rope climb.

CFAC - WOD 4.jpg

WOD 4A & 4B

10 Minute AMRAP

Rx Division
Reps of 20-30-40
Power Cleans(165/115)
Jump out/in Burpees

Scaled Division
Reps of 20-30-40
Power Cleans (95/65)
Step in/out Burpees

5 Minutes to find
6 Rep Max Front Squat

This WOD is two parts. Part A is a 10 minute AMRAP. The team my divide and conquer as you choose. If the team completes the reps of 40 then they will move onto sets of 50 and so on. At the end of the 10 minute AMRAP the team will then have 5 minutes to have each athlete establish a 6 rep max front squat for WOD4b.

WOD has two Scores, 4A Score is total reps completed in 10
minutes. 4B is total combined weight of the max load for each athlete.


Power Cleans - Bar must start on the ground. The athlete can then clean the bar up to a front rack position. The athlete can squat clean it if they choose. The elbow must be in front of the bar for the rep to count. The bar must then return to the ground before the next rep can start.

Burpees - Rx Athletes must follow the new CrossFit games standards. The athlete must jump out. The athletes thighs and chest must touch the ground. The athlete must then jump back in. Once the athlete returns to a fully upright and fully extended position they must jump off the floor. The Standards for Scaled are the same with the exception that they may step out/in instead of jump out/in.

Front Squats - The athletes will have 5 minutes to establish a 6 rep max front squat for each athlete. The first rep may be a squat clean. The athlete may select the weight and may choose to lower the weight if they fail.

CFAC - WOD 2.jpg


With a 5 minute running clock

Rx Division
200 Double Unders
AMRAP KB Sntaches (55/35)

Scaled Division
200 Single Unders
AMRAP KB Sntaches (35/20)

This WOD is a sprint. With a 5 minute
running clock your team must complete
200 double unders for Rx or 200 single
unders for Scaled. Then with the
remaining time complete as many reps
of Alternating Kettelbell Snatches. The
reps can be divided between the
athletes as you decide but the snatches
must alternate between arms even
when switching athletes.

Double Unders: CrossFit Standard. The rope must past clearly under the athlete 2 times for every jump. If the rope gets tangled up in the feet on the second pass through the rep does not count.

Single Unders: CrossFit Standard. The rope must past clearly under the athlete 1 times for every jump. If the rope gets tangled up in the feet on the pass through the rep does not count.

Kettle Bell Snatches: The KB must start on the ground. It must then be moved through the snatch progression to a fully locked out position. Then athlete must alternate arms each rep. If athlete 1 ends on the left arm then athlete 2 must start with the right arm.

CFAC - Floater.jpg

Floater WOD

4min to find Max Load for
3 Synchronized Bear Complex reps.

A Bear Complex rep is:
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press

This must be done in synchronization
with your partner.  You may only do
a touch and go between reps during
the power clean.  If the bars rest on
the ground for more than a
reasonable touch and go, the team
will have to start over.  The combined
Max loads will be the team score.

CFAC - WOD3.jpg


5 Minute Cap

Rx Division
10-8-6-4-2 Dead Lifts(275/205)
5-4-3-2-1 Bar Muscle Ups
Non-working athlete - Max Cal Row

Scaled Division
10-8-6-4-2 Dead Lifts(155/105)
15-12-9-6-3 Ring Rows @30"
Non-working athlete - Max Cal Row

Divide and Conquer as your team
sees fit. Time completed is your
score 3A. The non working athlete
will row for calories. This will be
your score 3B and the tie breaker
if needed.

If the team hits the cap, any reps not completed will count as one additional second on your 3A score.

Dead Lifts: Bar must start on the ground. The athlete will raise it using standard Dead Lift form or Sumo Dead Lift form. The Athlete must take the bar up to full extension with the shoulder behind the bar and the hips fully locked out. They may then return the bar to the ground or drop it from the top position.

Bar Muscle Up: The athlete will start from a hang position. They may kip themselves up as needed. The athlete my not use any part of the rig or other items to help their accent. The athlete must lock out at the top of the bar to count. The athlete can rest their torso on the bar before they complete the lock out.

Ring Row: The rings will be placed at 30" for all athletes. The heels of the athlete will be in line with the rig. The athlete will come out to full extension of their arms to start. They will then pull themselves into the rings. The rings must touch the athletes chest for the rep to count.

Rowing: The team can set the resistance for the rower. They will start with a clean screen. The calories will then accumulate throughout the time allowed. The total calories gained will be your 3B score.