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Benefits of CrossFit

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CrossFit builds perseverance.

In life, perseverance produces positive outcomes. In CrossFit, athletes learn to persevere through difficult workouts in order to reap the benefits that will inevitably come. Short-term benefits such as the satisfaction of finishing a tough workout, and long-term benefits such as improved physical and emotional well-being are all obtained by persevering in CrossFit.

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CrossFit builds mental strength.

During a tough workout, often we will reach an emotional threshold before we will reach a physical threshold. The voice in our head starts to tell us that “it is too hard”, “we cant do it”, “it may even be dangerous”…anything to stop the discomfort. Through CrossFit workouts we learn to take those negative thoughts captive, and begin to use positive thinking and self-talk to break through those mental barriers.

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CrossFit builds confidence.

Accomplishing difficult workouts on a regular basis builds a strong sense of self confidence; Confidence not only in your ability to work through discomfort, but also a confidence in the capabilities of your body as strong and able. The phrase “I can’t” becomes a thing of the past.

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CrossFit encourages community.

CrossFit is designed to be a community of people to support and encourage each other. A person with ear buds in their ears, wandering around and doing their own thing is not something you will see in a CrossFit gym. We help each other, cheer for each other, encourage each other, pray for each other and have conversations with each other. We KNOW each other.

WOD for August 2nd


Push Press 3x5 plus 5-10# on final set


30 Supermans to Hollow rock without touching the floor.



4 RFT:

Split as needed

30 Tire Flips

30 Jump throughs

30 T2B

30 Burpees

Then both run 500m

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